Guilherme Akio Sakae

An accomplished software engineer with a foot in the entrepreneurial world.

Who am I

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Guilherme Akio Sakae
Software Engineer

Vancouver, BC
Baseball Player

A tiny bit of history

Guilherme Akio Sakae is an accomplished software engineer with a foot in the entrepreneurial world. Guilherme has been developing systems since his graduation from high school. He has built websites of all kinds, ecommerces, iOS apps and even startups. His last venture was a startup called bwid, a venture that he founded with his three partners. Being the only technical founder he helped the company achieve great accomplishments such as being a finalist in the two biggest startup competitions in Brazil and scaling to thousands of users in less than a year.

Other than his technical skills, he plays soccer and baseball on a regular basis and he is always involved in the local community. He likes to spend some of his time in tech meetups where he learns new technologies, sharpens his technical skills and meets fellow developers.

Guilherme is always challenging himself to be a better professional so in the near future he wants to improve his technical knowledge exploring advanced computer science problems, algorithms and frameworks. He is also getting involved in the local startup community participating in local events and meetups. If you want to learn more about Guilherme or just have a good talk, you can find him at his portfolio or on his Linkedin page. He is always open to a conversation.

And in my spare time...


Amateur player, played since I can remember in Brazil. Won 30+ individual trophies and several tournaments. Looking for a team in Vancouver :)


Aspiring tech youtuber, if you speak Portuguese checkout my YouTube channel. 700k+ views, 6k+ plus subscribers.


When I'm not out there playing baseball or having beers with friends I'm happy to challenge anybody on FIFA, CS, Hearthstone or any other game.