Amora Box

Amora box is a subscription service from São Paulo, Brazil. The website was made using the cutting edge Javascript stack.

I was contacted by one of my ex-partners from my last venture bwid and he needed to bootstrap his new business, a subscription box focused on healthy and organic food. He already had some paying clients and some of the operation figured out. The next step was to build the online presence of the company.

Having full control on the tech stack I chose to use NodeJs and the ExpressJs framework on the backend. That allowed me to quickly integrate with his payment gateway, create the authentication, enable social authentication and create the necessary endpoints to provide data to the frontend.

On the frontend, ReactJs is the library of choice providing a powerful alternative to more heavy frameworks. To harness all the power on the javascript I also used babel and webpack to the able to use the next es6 syntax and create production-ready bundles.

From the very beginning of the process to deploying the project in production, I was actively helping taking the decisions. Tasks that aren't development were: creating the staging and production servers, DNS and domain resolutions, database setup, SSL both in staging and productions setup, automated deploy, CI integration, daily backup routines and unit tests.

Screen Shots