Bwid restaurants near you

I was first contacted as a freelancer to build this app/platform but after a few meetings, I was offered the position of technical co-founder. That is how my entrepreneurship journey began.

It was a lot of ups and downs from launching the app, receiving media attention, participating in startup competitions (being finalist in some), merging the company with a bigger company and leaving. This is definitely one of the most exciting experiences I had so far.

One of the problems we are facing is the routine, for instance, I always go to the same two or three restaurants everytime, not because there's no other option but because I don't have a quick and reliable way to find out new places to eat. Here's another problem everybody has: Deciding where to go for dinner. Tell me you never asked your partner where he/she want's to go for dinner and he/she responded: 'You pick' and you go back and forth until you so tired you decided to get pizza.

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